Album: The Stages Of Fading Away (2013)

Song: Out Of Time

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Exclaim! : Seraphim(aka Seraph/ The Light) bring youthful exuberance to the table, as well as the willingness to sprinkle each song with something extra that gives them an edge. Mature, satisfying, with carefully penned songs that are strong, memorable and evocative.

A389 Records: Completely epic!

Stereokiller: I could probably use a thesaurus to better describe the sound of Seraphim(aka Seraph/ The Light) in full, but what fun would that be? It is impressive to me that this is only a three piece band. When these guys get heavy and loud it sounds like a ten man band. The whole record sounds full without being overstuffed. Even the lighter tracks seem to be layered expertly to get the right feel. The transitions from soft to heavy are also well done. For a band that fluctuates in sound several times in an album they do so without sounding disjointed and all over the place or sudden and forced.

Toxicbreed: "Lets face it, to say that as the years have gone on the whole Neurosis/Isis/ETC style of "post-metal" music has been aped by hundreds of bands and to say that particular subgenre of music has become stale would be beating a dead horse at this point. It seems like no matter how many bands put out records like this, they always seem to boil down to pale imitations of the real thing. Seraphim(Seraph/The Light) has not only dispelled this preconception, they have raised the bar.